My 1930s inspired wedding dress and peony hair-dress 

Born in Eastern Colorado, Laura Okita moved to New York City after completing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She worked as a model in New York and Europe for over 10 years, but was always more intrigued by the process of taking the picture than modeling. She desired the freedom to be found on the other side of the camera.

Equally inspired by fashion design, Laura is a self-taught pattern maker and designer, working mostly with hand sewn couture and vintage techniques. From her experience as a model, she began photographing herself in her creations and founded the blog Paper Mothball Vintage.

While her work mostly initiated as a self portrait artist, she has begun expanding upon this foundation to work with models and fashion publications.

Laura enjoys working in any and often all of the photographic process including hair, makeup, styling, photography, modeling, art direction and retouch design. Whether she is working in digital formats, 35mm or 120mm film, she always aspires to allow her vintage voice to shine through. 


Hair & makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Photography portfolio 

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