Thursday, April 27, 2017

Me&Ro Jewelry's New Astrology Collection

Its Spring!...and with April's showers bringing May flowers in full bloom everywhere, I am looking forward to the warmer days just around the corner. Welcoming this seasonal change, Me&Ro Jewerly has released a collection, perfect for adorning the necklines of Spring and Summer. Not only does the new Astrology collection have its own symbolism as Me&Ro is known for, but it also holds a very special meaning for me too. 

About the collection:
Astrology is a symbolic language with ancient roots used to find insight into oneself by studying the Cosmos. In its broadest sense, it is the search for meaning in the sky. Contemporary Western astrology often explains aspects of a person’s personality and predicts significant events in one’s life based on the positions of the planets, stars and celestial bodiesRobin Renzi, Me&Ro's designer, has always been inspired by the celestial sky.Her first piece of jewelry she made was an ivory moon with a shooting star.  After 25 years in business she is launching her first astrology collection for “the seekers, believers and mystics”. Robin wanted the collection to have a modern yet old world, alchemy feeling. Featuring original Zodiac artwork, the new collection of pendants will be available in both 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. 

This collection is special to me because it brings my life in New York City full circle. I first knew Robin from working for her website department at Me&Ro Jewelry about 8 years ago. I was newly graduated from collage and she was my first female boss (actually only to present). Always bringing such strong positive energy to the office, she inspired me to believe that I could dream for big goals in my career path and in life. While working there, I had the opportunity to help out photographing some of the pieces. This experience gave me the confidence to later try photography. Being a part of Robin's creative process and watching her newest collection come to life has meant so much to me. I think it is a rare opportunity to work so closely with someone who's inspired me from the beginning. 

Working with Robin Renzi and model Bruna Rosa (Next Model Management) for this shoot was so much fun. I loved choosing pieces from the new Astrology collection to mix in with favorite classic pieces and a few really special One-of-a-Kind designs. I was so honored that Robin asked me to join her team for this shoot. 

The Astrology collection pendants are available in 18K gold and sterling silver on a 16" or 18" chain or on natural cotton cord in all 12 Zodiac Signs at the Me&Ro New York boutique and online.

Model Bruna Rosa (Next Management)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is Coming Soon!

Its almost that time of year again! Tickets for the Jazz Age Lawn Party 2017 are on sale:

Get your tickets before the sell out ;) and Ill see you on Saturday xo

 Dont forget to start practicing your finger wave now!