Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Great Gatsby Party NYC

Saturday, December 5th, rouge your knees and pull your stockings down, powder your nose, layer on the pearls, pin your hair up to let your hair down, Gatsby's coming to town. The Great Gatsby Party in New York City is almost here and sure to kick off the holiday season with a glamorous bang. Only two and a half weeks until you can dress in your 1920s best to Charleston while you sip St. Germain, or relax taking in the festivities with champagne from Pommery. Its sure to be a night to remember. 

I was excited to be invited by The Great Gatsby Party to be a part of their Gatsby editorial. I hope you enjoy and hope to see you there! xo

Photography: Mitsu Watnabe
Model I: Gabriela
Model II: Luke Hogan
Styling & Model III: Paper Mothball Vintage
My dresses provided from: Amarcord Vintage

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to School

I want to think that Spring is my favorite season because the dead of winter is giving way to warmer weather. The plants are blooming and the earth is coming back to life. This however, does not really seam to happen in a magical story book kinda of way in New York City. It is more like freezing snow turning into warmer freezing rain, rain and more rain, allergies and finally its just hot and humid. I have come to terms with my romanticized idea of Spring and have decided that Fall is my favorite season. The weather is perfect. The trees and grass are still very lush while transitioning into the orange, reds and yellows of October. Halloween is just around the corner and school is back in session. I have so many great memories of going back to school. New school supplies, a new dorm room and campus, new friends and classes, a whole semester full of new. I love the smell of autumn leaves and fireplaces in crisp weather, surrounded by pumpkins and candy corn. Fall on my Alma Mater, the University of Colorado is especially beautiful in Boulder, Colorado. It is surrounded by the Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains, rivers, lakes and streams. When the weather begins to cool, I always think about all the wonderful memories of going back to school.

Photography Laura Okita

Monday, September 21, 2015

NYFW SS 2016 Looks and Press

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 was a blast. So many designers like Marc Jacobs, Erin Fetherston and Anna Sui are drawing inspiration from vintage fashion. Did you see these shows? I absolutely loved them. Red Lips and Blue eyeshadow are huge for Spring, popping up at almost every show from Jason Wu to DVF. European visiting designer Givenchy is opening a new store in NYC and both the makeup looks and designs for the show did not disappoint, drawing inspiration from one of my favorite couture shows, Fall 2010.

The shows have moved from the Lincoln Center to West 33rd street. Grunge is in, the glamour was high and the street fashion was fresh. I really enjoyed mixing modern and vintage looks with trending beauty looks. Below is a sampling of my looks and press for the NYFW SS 2016 shows. 

I was thrilled to be featured in Vogue.com's Phil Oh's Street Style: New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear. The press photography outside of the show have a lot of competitive energy and it can be quite an experience. When I met Phil Oh, I was surprised because he is very quiet and polite. You would never guess he is Vogue Contributor's @MrStreetPeeper. 

Look 1

I wore a Vintage 1940s Dress from Wildfell Hall Vintage, a Vintage Upholstery Handbag from Amarcord Vintage Fashion, Vintage bangles also from Amarcord, Sunglasses from Miu Miu and Vintage Boots. Press features Pop Sugar Accessories and WWD What The Are Wearing, Instagram shot from @mgyoungphotography.

This season is all about floral printed dresses, upholstery fabrics and mod booties, shades of maroon and deep green.

Look 2

For my second look I wore a Dress from Anna Sui from the Spring 2014 collection with an added 
Pussy Bow Ribbon, a Vintage Coat, Vintage Dolce and Gabbana Shoes and a Botkier Hand Bag. Press from Vogue China, Racked, WWD and Glamour.

Again trending this season are deep greens and maroons, mini skirt lengths, patterned coats, platform shoes and pussy bows. For makeup, a clean face with a dark bold lip.

Look 3

Look three is all vintage, but with the right hair and makeup, its easy to make it feel modern. Press was received from Vogue Russia and Vogue Italia. 

I shot a few quick pictures of myself on the street in this look. Trench coats this season should be anything but black or beige. Play with a chic 70s vibe.

Look 4

Vintage Dolce and Gabbana Dress with a Vintage Handbag and Shoes from Uggs. I paired this odd maxi length dress for a fun play on proportions with shoes to meet at the gap. I styled it with a Vintage Scarf tied in a Pussy Bow and Vintage earrings that took on a very punk feel. For my makeup I had fun with a bright orange cat eye. Press from Vogue US, Vogue Italia, Vogue China, PopSugar and Fashionista.

Try maxi dresses, dresses with pussy bows and colored eyeshadow for Spring and Fall.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Japan 2015: Hakone Jinja

The sea was grey that day. Dark, but calm, the waves slowly rolled in and out, lapping their long tongues up onto the even more grey shore, stretching to reach the furthest grain of sand, then hungrily pulling it all back into the foamy current. Even though the sea was grey, the sun shone through the clouded sky, a white soft brightness in contrast with the water's flickering darkness. Today would not linger at the beach though. It would make its way up through the valley, to the top of the mountain. Climbing slowly as the trees hanging heavy with flowers became thicker and the forest more dense. It was so dense, it made the surrounding mountains appear completely rounded in shape from the tree tops that covered them. Their leaves glistened in the clouded light. It had just rained. You could smell the salty pungent air of the sea as it mixed with the smell only emitted from rain hitting the fresh earth. Climbing higher and higher, visibility shrinks into the fog. It no longer feels like day, but it certainly is not night. Slowly creeping forward, inch by inch at the rocky edge, high upon the mountain until suddenly the large red columns of the gate appear jutting out of another body of water, not the sea, it appeared as if the world existed atop a cloud. 

We just returned from Japan this past weekend. I had such an amazing time seeing all my friends and family there. Still pretty jet lagged as New York is on opposite time from Japan, but I couldnt wait to share some photos. I also got a new vintage film camera and am getting all the photos developed this week. 

One of my favorite parts of Japan is how old and beautiful the history and architecture are. Many shrines and castles are well over hundreds of years old, with the imperial court dating back over 2,000 years. My husband's family lives in Kanegawa, which holds some of the most beautiful places in the Tokyo region. One of those is the Shrine at Hakone or Hakone Jinja. It is located near the sea on the top of a mountain, at the edge of a huge lake. It was raining very hard on the day that we visited, but I think the warm summer rain made it even more beautiful, casting a mist across the lake and through the heavy forest of surrounding trees. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What I wore to the Jazz Age Lawn Party

This is the last post in the series The Jazz Age Lawn Party 10th Year Anniversary, What I Wore. I have had so much fun meeting you all at the party, through social media and reading your comments online. Thank you to everyone who said, hi, read my posts, took my picture and allowed me to take yours.

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is a really special event and I enjoy taking the time to create a dress for it. I found the under romper at the Manhattan Vintage Show earlier this Spring. Its all one piece, with bust darts and adjustable straps, but no closure or buttons. You kind of have to shimmy into it. I love the vintage 1920s peachy color that seems to dominate lingerie at the time and had to wear it for the party. I decided to design the dress around the romper, allowing a bit of it to show through. The dress is 95% sewn by hand, made of beaded lace, silk organza and ribbon. There is a row of glass looped buttons down each side at the waist and beaded lace detailing the back of the yoke.

My hair is now about bust length and I was actually kind of nervous about getting it into a finger wave. I decided that the smaller the curl, the better it would wave. My usual hot roller set wasnt going to cut it. I do like to use pin curls from time to time, but with a lot of hair, they can also be difficult to get to stay in over night. I chose the small 5/8 inch foam rollers. I used 3 packs, about 30 rollers because you want to make sure each roller isnt too full. You also want to use a dryer on them to set before you go to sleep. If they do not completely dry all the way, you will end up with really sad limpy curls. I also hair spray and blow dry again right before I take them out. After that, I just follow the same steps as I do in my YouTube tutorial. Since I have such a nice strong curl going from the foam rollers, I just pin up the rest of the curls along the bottom of the finger wave. Sometimes I go in with a second set of duck curls (the long clips) and spray just to make sure the shape is exactly how I want it.

For makeup this year, I wanted something light and more natural than last year. What a perfect occasion to use my Besame Lipstick!

A few Polaroids

I just love the color and texture of instant film. It is totally different from digital or 35mm and 120mm film. I also find that the color is a little different each time, depending on the setting and surrounding colors. 

A little Press

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Lynn Yeager, an Editor at Vogue.com, which I mentioned before in the first post of this set. I was so excited to be featured on Vogue.com's Lessons in Eclectic Street Style and the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Thank you Lynn Yeager <3

You can also read my Recap  - Jazz Age Lawn Party, guest blogged on Lookbook.nu