Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Central Park in November

Its November! The summer went by so quickly, and here we are almost at Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the pumpkin pies, candy canes and egg nog. Fall on the East Coast seems longer than in the Rocky Mountains. Its similar with cooling weather, changing leaves and that feeling of the ever approaching holidays, however, the tress and landscape is much different boasting a greater variety. I don't venture up to Central Park very often, but I wanted to catch all the orange, yellow and red leaves trickling down to their grassy beds for winter. There were so many people taking pictures of the beautiful scenery of the park, over bridges, under huge shady trees and all along the ponds. What really makes Central Park special is the enormous buildings peaking out over the tops of the trees, lurking in the distance, always reminding you of New York City's urban grandeur.

I want to bring back more strongly vintage inspired looks. I was going through a short time where I listened more to what some other people said more than what I knew was in my heart. I love vintage and I love dressing up. I love taking on a character. It is my passion. I want to encourage anyone reading my blog to stay true to who you are and what you love. Don't listen to the majority, don't listen to negative voices. Believe in your self and be who you are. Be the best you that you can and don't compromise your art or your passions, dreams or your secret hideaways for anyone else. 

I take all my own pictures (Photography Laura Okita)

I got this dress from my dear vintage guilty pleasure Wildfell Hall Vintage. While I was getting it ready to shoot, I took greater notice of the details. It was hand made and very well done. I couldn't help but wonder who made it, where was she going to wear it. How did she accessorize it? I thought about all the time it took to press each seam, to match up the pin tucks and finish the hems. Thats what makes vintage so much fun.

The shoes are my first item from Prada that I have ever owned! Ever since I started reading fashion magazines in high school, and I would see the Prada ads, I wanted Prada so much. Now I have my first pair of shoes. I found them at Amarcord Vintage Fashion.