Monday, March 17, 2014

Halcyon Fair

A night, a dream, no, a memory... A turn of the century fair ground; a gilded carousel turns glittering with lights, games clink, plunk and clang, and a cluster of rowdy escaped balloons soar into the night sky, disappearing out of sight of the beaming moon. The attending crowd is even more glamorous than the rides and surrounding gardens, decorated in jewels, hats and exquisite coats.

Vintage is timeless, it excites, evolves and returns us to a new version of itself. Vintage transports, and for Maura, it was this recurring childhood dream that inspired her to create an online vintage market place, Halcyon Fair.
When I first saw this amazing 1960s maxi dress from Halcyon Fair I was instantly in love with the fantasy of an era inspired by love. The fabric swirled with colors and shapes, combined in perfect volume accented with pearl beads belted at the waist and trimming the neckline. The splashes of color were so vibrant and fun to wear just like a ride at the fair. This dress is beautiful and really a show stopping one of a kind.

I styled it with white leather vintage gloves, also accented with pearl buttons at the wrist and a Halcyon Fair vintage bracelet. The vintage white and gold Trifari clip on earrings, also from Halcyon fair, were so difficult not to keep after the photos for myself!

Halcyon Fair:

Vintage 1960s Dress
Vintage pink stretch bracelet
Vintage Trifari earrings
Vintage white leather Etra gold trimmed clutch
 Vintage 1950s rhinestone bracelet
Vintage vanilla Les Bernard double strand necklace

Halcyon Fair is a nostalgic dream of a vintage fair ground and its my dream for vintage accessories! The online store is a wonderful playground of necklaces, earrings and stunning jewelry. This is definitely my new go to for finding the perfect piece to finish a look. The right accessory can really take an outfit from pretty to unforgettable. Halcyon Fair is not only accessories, its also a wonderfully stocked with vintage clothing as well, the perfect combination.

Thank you to a wonderful sponsor, Halcyon Fair


  1. Smashing as always - you must now include "total and utter bombshell" on your CV. <3 and gratitude!

  2. 1960s bombshell that is. . . you were born one! Adore the look!

    1. Thank you! I'm so in love with the clutch and bracelet! Everything in your shop is so inspiring! A stylist's dream.

  3. beautiful dress! i love the colours and the shape of it. and a credit to whomever did you hair and makeup - lovely as always!