Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ModCloth Design Challenge: Make the Cut

I was thrilled to learn that ModCloth was holding another round of "Make the Cut" design contest. The challenge was to design one piece that is 1960s inspired, made with a geometric bead-like floral print, 100% cotton fabric for the winter season. 

The contest is currently running! And you can vote for me 

Left: Palazzo Pant   Right: Illusion top yoke 

I designed a mini mod collection of 6 looks. The fabric sample swatch does not show a whole yard of fabric, but only one section of the repeating pattern. I knew it would give a slightly purple color from afar. I thought that yellow and orange would be pretty accent colors and very 60s. 

Left: Illusion undershirt, pinned on look of overalls  Right: rounded color block top stitched

When I thought of the women wearing the collection, the Mad Men characters Peggy and Rachel really came to mind. 

Left: One piece pleated skirt and turtleneck top zip-up  Left: Lace trim details, large collar

It was really groovy stepping into the sixties for this challenge, and I would love your support! <3


  1. Great designs! I definitely voted for you on Be the Buyer. Awesome to see who is behind the work though!

    1. Thank you so much! Likewise, it's nice to hear from you!

  2. I absolute adore your drawings. I know nothing about fashion history or designs but I know pretty when I see pretty. I hope you win. Will vote ahoy!