Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Fake Pinup Bangs!

Pinup bangs! This is an easy tutorial on how to fake pinup bangs using a scarf turban. Super vintage and super easy, its two tutorials in one!


Steps 1 -2 :Put your hair in a ponytail near the front of your head, when pulling the hair through the last time, leave it in a loop falling forward.
Steps 3 -4: Fold scarf in half to create a triangle shape and place on top of head with point going forward. Wrapping the bottom of the triangle around the back of your head, bring the ends up to the center top and tie.

Steps 5 - 6: Now, bring the ends to the bottom back of head, tie and tuck the ends under

Steps 7 - 9: Find a space under the first tie knot and tuck the front piece over the knot and under into that space.

The dress is a vintage 1950s cotton shirtwaist dress with an adorable novelty apple print. The scarf is also vintage and handbag is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Cookie is from Lulu Bean Coffee in Brooklyn.


  1. What a cool idea :) I have bangs, so I don't have to fake them, but I totally would, if I wouldn't have them.

    1. Try the scarf turban with your bangs! It's so easy and great for a bad hair day ;)